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Automatic Computer Setup with Windows Autopilot for Business

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Customizing computers and device with Windows, applications, and updates is a painstaking and time-consuming process.

Autopilot takes a new approach.

Windows Autopilot1 simplifies the way devices are deployedreset, and repurposed, with a zero-touch experience.

It’s designed to simplify the life-cycle of devices from initial deployment through the eventual end of life.

Imagine delivering a computer that works out of the box.

Turn it on and everything is ready to go.

Ship devices straight to your employees.

With Autopilot, there’s no need to reimage or manually set up new devices before sending them to your users. 

Out of the box and ready to go

Make it easy for end users to set up new devices, without any involvement.

When you purchase new devices, your employees receive the devices ready to go, just by signing in.

With the latest software.

Automate each device to work right out-of-the-box — using the latest software, including Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Apps –like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and even some new ones like OneDrive, OneNote, and Teams.

And you can also deploy any of your business applications automatically, like Sage or QuickBooks.

Existing devices

Easily deploy the latest version of Windows 10 to existing devices with apps installed and profiles synced so users can resume work right away.

Remote Reset

Remove personal files, apps, and settings, and reapply the device’s original settings. Perfect for re-purposing a device.

White glove

Pre-provision devices to be fully configured and business ready for your organization and users. And you have us, our expertise and guidance.

"All your applications, files, conversations, and meetings are all in one place, ready at your fingertips.

Ingram Leedy
Experience a faster, more modern way for employees to get their devices with all their applications, files, and conversations ready-to-go, out of the box.

How it works

With Windows Autopilot, there’s no need to reimage or manually set up new devices before handing them out to your users. Your hardware vendor can ship them, ready to go, straight to your employees.

1. Device

Devices are added to the Windows Autopilot deployment service.

2. Profile creation
and assignment

Customize set up and configuration by creating a profile to assign to your organization’s devices.

3. Ship directly
to user

Devices are shipped directly to user. The device is turned on, goes online, and Windows Autopilot delivers apps and settings.

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