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Keeping your work chats organized in Microsoft Teams

Keeping your work chats organized in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication hub that incorporates a variety of communication methods designed for businesses to keep in contact while working without a centralized office. Such methods include text-based chat, video and audio conferencing, as well as regular telephony.In our previous articles and videos, we've explored the chat feature in Microsoft Teams, or more specifically, the Chat section, meant for private one-on-one or group chats. In this article we will continue to discuss chatting, but this time in a Team chat and not a private chat. 

Although very similar in structure, there is one key difference that separates a private chat from a Team chat and the difference is the introduction of Channel Conversations.

Channel Conversations are designed to provide organization to your Team chats, since it is likely that there will be multiple topics of conversation being discussed at one time. To help organize these conversations, Teams separates each new conversation and gives you the ability to either reply to the existing conversation by clicking reply. You can also start an entirely new conversation by simply going to the default text box and sending a message like you would normally do in a private chat.

Although an easy concept to understand, it may take you and your team a few weeks to correctly reply to the right channel conversation. Let me show you in the video below.


If you are brand new to Microsoft Teams and would like a little more help understanding the basics, we offer a free course called Teams: Essentials. You can register for it by clicking the link below:

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