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How to bring a meeting to those who missed it.

How to bring a meeting to those who missed it.

Getting everyone to attend your meeting is like herding cats. Schedules overlap, people forget, something inevitably comes up.

Now, what if instead of inviting people to meetings, you brought meetings to the people? That is to say, what if you could share your recorded meetings with people that were unable to attend.  In our previous article, we explored how to record your meetings in Microsoft Teams. Now we will see how to share your meetings once they have been processed in Microsoft Stream.

But first, if you are new to teams or need a little extra help using Teams, we can help. First check out our video that gives you a 3-step strategy to help get you started. 

For those of you who don’t remember, Microsoft Stream is your organization’s private, shareable, video library in Office 365. More specifically, it is also where your meeting recordings are processed and viewed. Once they finish processing, you can do things like turn on automatic transcription as we discussed last time, but you can also share the meeting with other people. So, any employees that are unable to attend the meeting, can still watch they replay on their own time. 

Watch Steve Goodman talk about using Microsoft Streams


To share your recorded meeting in Microsoft Steam, first find your video by selecting My Videos and on the video’s main screen click the ellipses followed by Update Video Details. In the center of the screen is where you will be able to share your video. Type in the name or email address of the people or groups you would like to share your video with and select the result when it appears. Once you share your video, your recipients will receive an email notification with a link to view the video.

You can also grant owner rights so that the people you share your video with have the same powers as you do. That would be the power to trim the video, delete the video, and download the video. By the way, you can download the video by selecting the ellipses again followed by the download video option.

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