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Don't Press pause on collaboration, start an Ad Hoc meeting instead

Don't Press pause on collaboration, start an Ad Hoc meeting instead

Any sports fan will tell you the importance of momentum in leading your favorite team to victory. If you've ever uttered the phrase "let's get the ball rolling", then you too realize just how valuable momentum can be.  In fact, Newton's first law states that an object in motion will stay in get the point.  So then why do we continue to schedule meetings days or even weeks out from the original conversation?  By the time the meeting has arrived, either most people have lost their enthusiasm for the subject or just can't remember what was said.

Okay, yes scheduling is a major factor in why meetings get pushed out, but the fact remains that when you are asked to have a meeting, you assume the person does not mean right at this very moment.  Normally you would be considered rude if you were to just hurriedly grab your colleagues, without warning, and start a meeting in a conference room.  However the age of digital teamwork and digital conferencing has changed all that. If you're already a user of Microsoft Teams, then you already know how simple it is to setup a standard schedule meeting. What you may not have realized is that hidden in plain sight of your chats are three options to start a meeting immediately:

1. Camera Icon: Start a video call
2. Phone Icon: Start an audio call
3. Arrow inside of Rectangle Icon: Share your screen

By pressing one of these options, every participant inside of your group chat will be notified that a meeting has started and they can either choose to accept or reject the meeting.  If they reject, they don't attend the meeting.  If they accept, then they are taken inside of the meeting space. This feature comes standard with any Microsoft Teams license, so give it a try today. 
If you aren't familiar with Microsoft Teams, we offer a free beginners course to help you to hit the ground running.  Please visit to register.

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