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Increased remote work after COVID-19, despite concerns

Increased remote work after COVID-19, despite concerns

A Pulse Secure report found that the majority (84%) of U.S. organizations expect a broader and more permanent remote work adoption after the coronavirus pandemic passes, despite heavy security concerns associated with working from home.

The coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly expedited the popularity of remote work. More than half of organizations (63%) said they had up to a quarter of employees working in remote or at-home environments before the crisis, but three-quarters of the same organizations reported that more than 75% of their workforce is now working from home. 

From Tech Republic Article by Macy Bayern on May 27, 2020,

Questions of Security

Users working from home are concerned about several security risks:

  • User awareness and training (59%).

  • WiFi network security (56%),

  • Use of personal devices (43%),

  • Sensitive company information being leaked (41%), and

  • Lack of visibility (33%).

And the common threats like:

  • malware  (72%),

  • phishing (67%),

  • stealing account access - unauthorized access / privileged access (59%),

  • and non patched computers that cause vulnerability exploits (44%)

Malware and phishing weren't too surprising as the top fears, since security experts have seen spikes in both malware and phishing attacks since the onset of the coronavirus. Some of the attacks even relate to COVID-19, disguising malicious links as important information about viruses and a good reason why "user awareness and training" and "use of personal devices" tops the list.


Staying Protected is needed

We recommend using the best technology of Microsoft 365 coupled with comprehensive security program.  We designed this exact program for securing remote workers to keep your organization up-to-date with the confidence of feeling safe for both the company and the its team.

If you want to do it yourself we have an online security course or contact us and have an expert do it for you or guide you through it. 


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